I’m a big fan of podcasting.  So I’ve made this page as part of my blog to focus on podcasts, and specifically as they are used in education.  I will be updating this site very shortly.  In the meantime, send me any resources you think others will find useful about podcasting in education.

Podcasting and Learning Presentation

This presentation was developed by me to introduce teachers to the idea of using podcasts in the classroom.

Podcasting Classroom Resources


  • About.com: Podcasting – An introduction and tutorial about podcasting
  • “How to Podcast” Tutorial


Audacity:  One of the most popular choices for audio editing as it if a free program for the PC.  Students are able to download and install the program at home.  It is fairly easy to use and still has many professional level editing features.  MAC users will probably want to use GarageBand, which is part of the iLife suite.

Adobe Soundbooth: Soundbooth is slightly cleaner than Audacity.  It looks more polished and is somwhat more intuitive to use.  Soundbooth is not free, however, your school may have it licensed already.  It is included in CS4 Web Premium, Production Premium, and Master Collection.  Students will also generally not have it at home.


  • Creative Commons – CC home page, find out about CC licensing and find CC licensed media music and photos
  • Magnatune – Collection of artist submitted songs, includes podcast versions
  • Jamendo – Collection of CC songs submitted by artists
  • FreePlayMusic – Free (non-lyrical) music when used for podcasting

Podcasts For Teachers

  • The Educational Podcast Network – A directory of podcasts focused towards educators, covering both curriculum and PD
  • SMARTBoard Lessons Podcast – A personal favourite.  Includes useful links, and plenty of great ideas on using a Smart Board
  • NPR Podcast Directory – A collection of both NPR and affiliate produced podcasts on a wide variety of topics
  • CBC Podcasts – Has many different regular podcasts including ones with a regional focus, technology, science, and more.

Ideas for Podcasts

Student Created
  • Fictional interview with author, scientist, etc.
  • Unit summary notes